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On this page we will list all of the products we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items.

Ribbon Shirts
All of our Ribbon Shirts are custom made. 
$25.00 Childrens sizes
$30.00 Young Adults sizes
$40.00 and up Adult sizes


Hand Stiched Beaded Hair Barrette
These are one of a kind hand stiched beaded hair barrettes.  They are beaded so that a leather backing is not required.  The beads them self hold their shape and design.  The clasps are made of stainless steel.  Many hours was put into creating these works of art and would make a great gift for the lady or just a collector's item. 
$65.00 each




These are hand made Traditional Bandolier bags.  The bags and sashes are made from felt material with a backing installed and a decrative trim.  The beadwork is made up using # 13 seed beads and is in a floral pattern.  These are just a few of the bags we have in stock.  We will be happy to custom design and make your bag.
Prices start at $ 250.00



Custom Made Dance Regalia
Pictured above is a custom made Young Men's Grass Dance outfit.
Contact us for a quote!

Custom made drum sticks.  Our drumsticks consist of a fiberglass rod with a padded handle and head rapped in dyed leather.  Several colors to choose from.  These drum sticks have been used for years with no repair needed.  All hand stiching. 
Prices start at $45.00